Public Hearing Notice

 ZMA-2022-02 (Zoning Map Amendment) - The Midland Planning and Zoning Commission will consider the rezoning of properties that were removed from the municipal limits of the City of Locust and placed into the municipal limits of the Town of Midland via local bill S.L. 2022-41, approved by the General Assembly, effective June 30, 2022. This rezoning affects 15 (fifteen) properties located off Bluffton Lane, further identified as Cabarrus County Parcel Identification Numbers #5564-18-4180, 5564-18-7200, 5564-18-8298, 5564-18-9108, 5564-18-8097, 5564-17-8936, 5564-27-0889, 5564-27-2916, 5564-28-1181, 5564-28-1254, 5564-28-1551, 5564-28-0532, 5564-18-9533, 5564-18-8535, 5564-18-7534. This rezoning petition is to change the above listed properties from City of Locust “General Residential” (GR) to Town of Midland “Single Family Residential” (SFR).

ZTA-2022-03 – (Zoning Text Amendment) – The Town of Midland will consider modifying the development standards of Article 10, Uses with Additional Standards and Special Uses, Section 10.1-23 Kennels or Pet Grooming with Outdoor Pens or Runs, in the Midland Development Ordinance.

Citizen comments will be heard at the Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting beginning at 6:00 PM on August 9, 2022 located at Midland Town hall 4293-B Hwy 24/27, Midland NC 28107. Planning staff may be reached at 704-888-2232 ext. 17.