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Town of Midland Title VI Policy Statement

It is the policy of the town of Midland to comply with all federal and state authorities requiring nondiscrimination, including but not limited to the Title VI of the civil rights act of 1964, the civil rights restoration act of 1987, section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973, the Americans with disability act of 1990 (ADA), the age discrimination act of 1975 and the executive order 12898 (Environmental justice) and the 13166 (limited English proficiency). The town does not and will not exclude from participation in; deny the benefits of; or subject anyone to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or income.

All federally-assisted programs will be administered in a manner to guarantee that the Town, sub-recipients, contractors, subcontractors, transferees and other participants in the Federal financial assistance comply with all requirements imposed by or pursuant to, civil rights act and applicable state and federal. The Town is responsible for initiating and monitoring Title IV activities, preparing required reports and other Town responsibilities as required, from time to time, by any applicable state or federal regulation.

* Those requiring information in alternative formats or in a language subject to the Town’s limited English proficiency (LEP) plan, should contact the Title VI Program Coordinator

Declaración Política Título VI del Pueblo de Midland

Es la política del Pueblo de Midland cumplir con todas las autoridades federales y estatales que requieren la no discriminación, incluyendo pero no limitado al Título VI del Acta de Derechos Civiles de 1964, Acta de Restauración de los Derechos Civiles de 1987, Sección 504 del Acta de Rehabilitación de 1973, El Acta de Americanos con Discapacidades de 1990 (ADA), El Acta de Discriminación por Edad de 1975 y la Orden Ejecutiva 12898 (Justicia Ambiental) y el 13166 (Dominio Limitado del Inglés). El pueblo de Midland no excluye ni excluira de la participación en; negar los beneficios de; o someter a cualqier persona a discriminación por motivos de raza, color, nacionalidad, sexo, edad, discapacidad o ingresos.

Todos los programas de asistencia Federal serán administrados de manera que garanticen que el Pueblo, los subreceptores, los contratistas, los subcontratistas, los cesionarios y otros participantes en asistencia Financiera Federal cumplan con todos los requisitos impuestos por o de conformidad con la ley de derechos civiles, estatal y federal. El Pueblo es responsable de iniciar y supervisar las actividades del Título VI, preparar los informes requeridos y otras responsabilidades del Pueblo según sea necesario, de vez en cuando, por cualquier regulación estatal o federal aplicable.

* Aquellos que requieran información en formatos alternativos o en un idioma sujeto al plan de dominio limitado de Inglés (LEP) del Pueblo, deben ponerse en contacto con el Enlace del Título VI.

Title VI Notice of Protections Against Discrimination

The Town of Midland operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, and national origin. Any person who believes that she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint with The Town of Midland at the address shown below.

Individuals wishing to request and / or receive additional information on its discrimination obligations, including its complaint procedures, please contact the person listed below or visit the administrative office at the address listed below:

Title VI Program Coordinator
PO Box 589
Midland, NC 28107
Telephone: (704)888-2232

Individuals wishing to file a discrimination complaint under Title VI: the written complaint must be filed to the address above within less than 180 days of the alleged discrimination. Written complaints may also be filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) no later than 180 days after the date of the alleged discrimination, unless the time for filing is extended by FHWA, at the following address:

Federal Highway Administration
FHWA Headquarters Office of Civil Rights
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE (HCR-40)
Washington, DC 20590

To accommodate limited English proficient individuals, oral complaints to be documented and/or translated may also be given at the above address.

Plan for Language Assistance to Individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

Awareness of Limited English Proficiency has grown in recent years and the Town of Midland is committed to providing quality services to all Midland citizens. Midland has developed the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) policy to help identify reasonable steps to provide language assistance for LEP citizens as required by Executive Order 13166. Any LEP person is one who does not speak English as their primary language and who has limited ability to read, speak, write, or understand English.

Strategies listed below are the result of a four-factor analysis performed by the Town. Strategies to provide meaningful access to LEP persons to ensure that they can communicate effectively will be achieved by measures including but not limited to:

Training staff on resources available to the Town to communicate with LEP individuals

Providing notices that LEP individuals can understand so they may engage other communication techniques

Utilize bilingual police department personnel to communicate with LEP individuals

Utilize computer-based communication tools

Utilize smartphone and portable tablet based interpretation applications on an as-needed basis

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