Cabarrus County Sheriff's Department Provides Police Services for the Town of Midland through two methods.

1. Zone Coverage
The Town of Midland, like the rest of Cabarrus County, receives a "zone" officer at all times.  Zone 261 is the "southwestern and south portion of Cabarrus County" which includes the Town of Midland.

2. Cabarrus County-Midland 2x2 Deputy Match Program
Beginning in 2014, the Town of Midland received a matching grant from Cabarrus County for enhanced police coverage.  The Town of Midland provides funding for 2 police officers, equipment and cars and Cabarrus County funds 2 police officers, equipment and cars. The 2x2 match = 4 officers.

The four (4) deputies equal coverage for the 24 hour day and entire week. The only way this coverage is interrupted is if an officer is sick or on leave.  These officers are in addition to the police coverage Midland already receives from the Cabarrus Sheriff's Department zone officer. Therefore, Midland will always have a Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to the Town, but will usually have two with the 2-2 match AND Cabarrus County’s regular zone coverage.

Police Contact Information
Emergency - 911
Non-emgergency - 704-920-3000 (Sheriff's Department non-emergency line.)